Welcome new and returning parents of NDA Crew!

Rowing is known as the ultimate team sport and for NDA Crew that includes the parents and families of each rower.  We encourage parents to take an active role in supporting their daughters and the team.  All you have to do is spend some time at a regatta and you will see how parent support strengthens and inspires the rowers to perform their best.

Many factors go into a successful training and racing environment and your help is appreciated – and needed! – for NDA Crew to find continued success.  Whether this is your first season or your eighth season, welcome to the NDA Crew family!

Here are some areas that parents can help:

  • Trailering boats to and from race sites

  • Fundraising

  • Becoming a NDA Crew Chef!

  • Carpools

  • Volunteers

  • Cheering Section!

If this is your first encounter with rowing, take a look at Intro to Rowing to learn about the sport.  If you have questions or need more information Contact Us to talk to a parent or coach from the team.

A Little About Crew

What To Expect As A Novice Parent

Crew has two seasons–spring and fall. Depending on what other sports and activities they are involved in girls do one or both.  The cost for each season depends on the number of girls participating and the success of the Mud Hens fundraiser in the spring.  New rowers are required to purchase a uniform.  Each girl generally has the opportunity to purchase the parka, bag and spirit wear.  Regattas are a great place to purchase rowing souvenirs.

Notre Dame Crew functions totally with parent volunteers.  Each week volunteers haul the boats for racing and the chuck wagon.  Bright and early on Saturday mornings parents put up two huge tents that provide protection for rowers and parents as well as the “kitchen” for the day’s meals.  Parent volunteers organize meals each week and each family is responsible for bringing what has been assigned.  When athletes are not rowing they are helping their coaches and teammates prepare for upcoming races.  Fundraising is a huge part of funding NDA Crew.  In addition to weekly regatta help, parents are encouraged to participate in a couple areas to help the team: website maintenance, spirit wear coordination, Mud Hens fundraiser, and Parent Board Member positions.  If you bring a camera to regattas please send us your pictures to be posted on the website!

During the fall season there are usually five regattas and the spring has usually four.  NDA Crew travels all around the Midwest: Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Ann Arbor.  The two seasons have a totally different type of “competition.”  The fall is based on time and medals are given based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  They start out at a certain point, and the clock times them.  During the spring, it is so exciting.  Races are shorter (1500m – 2000m) and the teams line up side-by-side.  Whoever crosses the finish line first WINS!  Watching the girls row so hard to either keep up with the other teams, or pull ahead… SO EXCITING!

Like any other sport, crew demands commitments if you want to succeed.  Time management skills are a must. Practice times can change, but usually Varsity practices after school and Novice immediately after.  During the lead up to racing season practices are run Monday through Friday.  Once the team begins racing, Friday practice is replaced with boat loading (de-rigging boats and getting them ready for travel).  Races are almost always on Saturdays, which leaves Sunday for unloading the boats so the team is ready to practice on Monday.  Practice carpools are great and highly recommended – it makes it much easier on parents and it gives the girls a chance to meet new friends.

I could go on and on about the positive aspects of crew.  It has helped to make my daughter so much different…and in a good way.  Crew parents and girls are family….even during fundraisers—the best one is working at Mud Hen games…we serve beer and food…and it is what pays for our boats.

I want you to know… your family will not regret this decision.  When your daughter is rowing… don’t be surprised if the first time you see her… you might tear up… it’s hard not to!  When she wins, you will be happy with her.  When she loses, you will hurt with her… it’s amazing!

It is a life changing experience for your daughter and well as you.

Regatta Checklist

What Parents Need at a Regatta

Before hitting the road double check that you have these items.  We row rain or shine, so always check the weather forecast!

  • Your daughter – with a good night sleep!

  • Directions to hotel and/or race site

  • Race information and schedule from Regatta Central

  • Bring your food assignment so everyone can feast at the regatta

  • Your NDA directory and a cell phone

  • Folding chairs

  • Quality walking shoes and/or mud boots

  • A bike can help you get around the regatta site fast!

  • Cold weather gear: hats, gloves, sweatshirts, coats

  • Warm weather gear: sunscreen, sunglasses, hat/visor, lip balm

  • Rain gear: umbrella, poncho, rain suit

  • Layers, layers, and more layers – dress in layers to put on or take off as the weather changes

  • Change of clothes (including shoes and socks)!

  • Blankets: wrap up for warmth on cold days or lay it in the grass on sunny days

  • Cash for t-shirts and race souvenirs

  • Camera & Binoculars

  • A positive attitude!

  • Your voice of support and encouragement!

  • Pink attire to support the team!