Crew (kroo)

  1. A group of NDA student athletes, consisting of 4 or 8 rowers and a coxswain, who are trained to propel a racing shell or boat by means of oars: NDA Crew is the largest club sport at NDA.
  2. A team and family sport for all ages.

Welcome to Notre Dame Academy Rowing!

  • The Ultimate Walk-On Sport

    You need absolutely no experience!  Everyone begins as a novice rower (rowers in their first year of rowing).  And all novices compete against other novices.  Plus, everyone is learning the same motion.  From the novice to the Olympic athlete, all rowers are striving to perfect the same technique.

    Are you new to rowing?  Head over to Intro to Rowing to learn more.  You can also Contact Us to learn how to join the team.  We look forward to seeing you at the boathouse!

  • Total Body Workout

    Rowers are known as some of the most fit athletes.  It may look like an upper body sport, but rowing actually involves all the major muscle groups.  Rowing is a sports that requires strength, endurance, balance, and mental toughness.  When you become a rower, expect to get in shape fast!

    In rowing I found a sport that demanded some skill, granted, but placed a much higher premium on plain hard work and persistence.
    Harry Parker, Harvard Varsity Heavyweight Coach

  • Practice

    Practice makes perfect.  It’s not a new concept, but it holds true with rowing.  You will learn the rowing stroke during you first season as a rower and spend the rest of you rowing career perfecting the same motion.  Hard work and determination are a rower’s best friends.

    Picasso spent hundreds of hours carefully planning his masterpieces. The sketchbooks were filled with ideas, bits and pieces, test runs, none of it meant to be seen by anyone. In a similar way, rowing practices are our sketchbooks, where we prepared our raceday masterpiece.
    Brad Alan Lewis

  • Lifetime Sport

    Rowing is a low impact sport.  That means that long after you graduate from NDA Crew you will still be able to row.  Masters programs (rowers above the age of 27) are all over the country and allow you to practice and compete as long as you desire.

  • Teamwork

    The crew that sacrifices their personal goals and ego will be the team that succeeds on race day.  In order to make the boat fly trough the water each rower needs to be in sync.  The boat is at its fastest when the crew is rowing together and that requires every rower to be committed to her crew.

    What’s unique about [rowing] is this utter dependence on one another – no one guy can make the boat go faster by himself; on-the-other-hand, one guy can slow it down a lot. So [rowers] really do learn to trust one another and depend on one another in a pretty unique way.
    Harry Parker, Harvard Varsity Heavyweight Coach

  • Travel

    Because we need rivers or lakes to row on, NDA Crew travels to locations around the area to compete: Ann Arbor, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh are a few of the cities where NDA Crew travels.

  • It's Fun!

    Ultimately, the reason that so many people row is because it is fun!  You get to spend your afternoons outside and on the water!  There’s nothing better than being in a boat with your best friends and enjoying a beautiful, sunny day.

A lot will be asked of you as a rower.  You will be asked to put in hours of practice.  You will be asked to sacrifice for the betterment of the team.  You will be asked to push yourself toward excellence.  But you will be rewarded for your troubles.  The friendships that you make will last a lifetime.  The lessons you learn will never be forgotten.  The memories will never fade.

All you have to do is ask a former rower about their experience with the sport and you will see that rowing blesses its athletes – and the athlete’s family – with an abundance of riches.  If you are interested in joining the NDA Crew family, please Contact Us.