NDA CREW PARENTS ASSOCIATION organizes, directs, supports, and promotes the Notre Dame Academy Rowing Club. The Association consists of parents of current rowers on the Notre Dame Academy Rowing Club and is structured with multiple officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


Specifically, the Association aims to:

  • Ensure the safety of rowers

  • Provide qualified coaching staff to the crew team

  • Initiate and coordinate fundraising events for the benefit of the team

  • Coordinate food, lodging, shelter and chaperons for regattas

  • Provide a liaison between NDA Crew and Notre Dame Academy

  • Purchase, own, and maintain equipment for the use of the team

Where We Row

Philip LeBoutillier Memorial Boathouse
8 Main St. Toledo, OH 43605

About the Team

The Notre Dame Academy Crew Club is a “club” sport activity providing the ability for broad participation, along with intense inter-mural competition. The Club began in the spring of 1998 from the interests of a handful of girls and has grown rapidly due to the enthusiasm of the rowers and support of the parents. This beginning was enabled by the encouragement and support of the Toledo Rowing Club and other participating schools, in particular, St. John’s Jesuit High School.

As a club sport, crew is open to any NDA student interested in learning the sport of rowing and who meets the eligibility standards, and is not limited to students who are Ohio residents.  Our coaching staff supervises and trains our rowers for competition under the NDA Atheletic Department. The Parent Association is a sport specific booster club of NDA, providing volunteer help, as well as physical and financial support to the operation of the club.

The team carries the Notre Dame Academy name, represents the Academy and abides by all Academy rules, regulations, and conduct codes. Members of NDA Crew must be or become members of the Toledo Rowing Club (TRC) and are encouraged to become members of the United States Rowing Association (USRA), and must abide by the rules established by those Associations.

Primarily, the membership fee charged to the rowers covers operating expenses. Fundraising activities and donations make up the difference and enable the club to purchase and maintain the necessary rower equipment.

The sport of rowing has two distinct seasons, one in the fall and one in the spring. The regattas are held throughout Ohio and neighboring states, with some of the trips entailing an overnight stay. Transportation uses designated parent drivers, and a “camp site” is established at the regatta site to provide food and shelter to the rowers and families.

Toledo's Rowing History

It’s not generally known that in the late 1800’s competitive rowing was a very popular inter-city sport and that Toledo had at least four rowing clubs participating in active competition. In fact Toledo was host to Northwestern Amateur Boating Association Regattas in 1869, 1873, and 1874. Something took its toll on rowing until late in the 1900’s when the Toledo Rowing Club as we know it today was founded. In 1982 a group of men, Donald F. Melhorn, Jr., Philip LeBoutillier, Jr., and Jerry Brown, Sr., became the Founding Trustees. They had rowed in their high school and college days – outside of Toledo and decided to resurrect the sport of rowing, not just for themselves but for the people in the greater Toledo community. The Maumee River was perfectly suited as a venue and the rowing club was born. The mission of Toledo Rowing Club could not have been more elementary: “Promote the sport of rowing” and that remains the mission to this day. On 1 April 1996, Toledo Rowing Club incorporated again, this time as a 501(c)3 organization with the same mission as previously. With this incorporation Toledo Rowing Club’s mission put it within the meaning of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 which permits tax deductible gifts to support rowing.

Toledo Rowing Club has had many serious competitors two of whom have brought home medals from World Championships. In the mid-seventies the late Pete Bentley, a stalwart of Toledo Rowing Club, teamed with former Toledoan Fernando Alvarez de Toledo to race in a double in a World Championship; they placed second. Since that race Pete Bentley competed in several world championships, in singles, doubles, and eights, bringing home gold and silver medals. Jim Reisig has won two gold medals in international adaptive rowing, designed specifically for the physically challenged. His first gold medal was in Sydney, Australia, in 1988; his second, Amsterdam, Holland in 1991.

High School Rowing in Toledo

In the fall of 1986, a group of parents from St. John’s Jesuit High School decided that the school should have a rowing program. They purchased two Donaronico rowing shells and got the program off and rowing. Since then, the following programs have found home at Toledo Rowing Club:

  • St. Ursula Academy’s program started in spring of 1991.

  • Central Catholic’s program starting in 1997.

  • Anthony Wayne’s program started in fall of 1998.

  • Toledo Metropolitan Rowing Club started in spring of 2000.

  • St. Francis de Sales’s program started in spring of 2005.